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TRADERWARE is spearheading the transformation of the financial technology landscape by actively fostering innovation and revolutionary advancements with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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Who We Are

Traderware is a software company specializing in developing trading and social software solutions using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technologies, and a deep understanding of the financial markets. We provide traders the tools to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Traderware Innovator

Our founders and core team are experienced traders with a deep knowledge of stock, crypto, NFT, and equities markets.

Traderware Leadership

We are entrepreneurs who lead by example. We have experience building technical teams with forward-thinking ideas.

Traderware Developer

Our team has extensive enterprise-grade app development experience, scaling infrastructure for the masses.


Disruptive Skill Set

In a competitive and evolving technology space, we strive to create differentiation by adhering to the values that drive our creativity, building upon our core competencies.

Developing Social Software

The future is communities. We strive to excel at building social interaction within our apps.

Integrating Web3 And Blockchain

We add economic paradigms to our ecosystems as we believe in decentralized finance.

Embedding Analytics And Intelligence

We embed informational intelligence into products as we support transparency with our insights.

Scaling Product And Workforce

We build our products & apps to scale as we believe in large-scale adoption and usability.


Technology Focus

At Traderware, we work with a vision to develop the next generation of trading apps. Some of our core technology strengths are AI, Web3, and Sockets. Our immediate focus is on the following domains:

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    Social & Communication Systems

    We have a wealth of experience in developing captivating and interactive applications that enable traders to socialize comfortably and seamlessly.
  • 02

    Trading & Analytical Systems

    We excel in creating innovative analytical systems that cater to the unique needs of traders and investors, using unique strategies to produce accurate and insightful results.
  • 03

    Intelligent & Learning Systems

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are at the core of our solutions. We apply intelligent techniques to our comprehensive analytical data and find unique and thoughtful patterns.
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Our Core Products

We have an ecosystem of powerful proprietary trading Apps providing extensive value for traders and investors enriched with external creator-driven Dapps.

Under Development

Traderverse is a powerful social platform built to empower modern-day traders using, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain Technology.

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Coming Soon

TRADERGPT offers a user-friendly AI Chatting App for engaging in financial conversations and insights on various topics.

Alpha Live

Analytics is a trader's first dashboard platform allowing unique insights and perspectives on the Stock, Crypto, NFT, and other Equities market.

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AI/ML companion trained on various market attributes of Stock, Crypto, NFT, and Equities data to empower traders with real-time insights.

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Traderverse 3D
Traderverse 3D

Traderverse Ecosystem

TRADERVERSE is a Social Finance platform set to transform how investors connect, engage, learn, and invest collaboratively. Whether investors searching for like-minded investors, refining strategies, gaining insights from peers, or seizing opportunities in emerging markets, TRADERVERSE stands as the ultimate platform to enhance investors investment experience.

By merging fintech and edtech into one AI powered social network, we a have built a trader-centric ecosystem for those seeking information, insights, market literacy, and financial strategies in a like-minded community.

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Discover. Express. Connect.

Traderverse “Profiles” are traders gateway to discoverability & collaboration. Unlock the power of networking through investment interest. Build your own network that will empower & unite retail traders across the globe.

Download the app & create your profile expressing who you are as a trader with dozens of different dynamic modules.

Traderverse Dashboard


Traderverse Dashboard

Interact. Converse. Explore.

TraderGPT is an exceptionally dynamic Large Language Model (LLM) that has been trained using a blend of deep financial data, market data and general-purpose supporting data. The democratization of Internet-scale financial data is of utmost importance, empowering traders with valuable insights and a competitive edge in the financial markets.

TRADERGPT introduces a remarkably user-friendly approach to artificial intelligence. It provides a Chatting App interface to financial insights, allowing users to engage in conversations with AI on a diverse range of topics.



Research. Acquire. Analyze.

Traderverse Analytics stands as a modern and insightful dashboard meticulously crafted to provide investors with a cutting-edge experience, ensuring they stay nourished with the latest and most pertinent information.

This innovative platform leverages the power of artificial intelligence to not only gather but also organize and structure data in a way that is exceptionally impactful for traders. At the heart of Traderverse Analytics is a commitment to delivering deep insights and real-time information, offering investors a comprehensive view of market dynamics.

Traderverse Dashboard


Traderverse Dashboard

Subscribe. Consume. Triumph.

Trader.News stands as the ultimate destination for the most exhaustive updates in financial markets, offering deep dives into business trends, market dynamics, and crypto movements. Engage with our unmatched stock and crypto analysis, featuring real-time, comprehensive data, detailed charts, and instant news updates.

Our platform delivers an unparalleled scope of real-time market quotes, including stocks and cryptocurrencies, enriched personal finance insights, extensive corporate news, and a broad spectrum of financial analyses. We ensure thorough coverage of global markets, both traditional and digital, with a focus on business sectors. Stay at the forefront with our all-encompassing reports on corporate earnings and crypto market trends, providing the most detailed and complete understanding available in the industry.

Motivated and Engaged Communities

Stocks, Equities, Crypto, NFTs, Gamers

Traderware develops for a massive and rapidly expanding addressable market. We produce tailored solutions for all current and evolving digital asset markets.

Million Brokerage Accounts
Million Brokerage
Million Crypto Wallets
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Million Users
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Meet The Team

Focused on a shared vision, our founders are intellectually curious and humble with complementing skill sets. They use a flexible and open-minded approach to achieving all of the long-term company goals.

Sarim Alavi
Sarim Alavi


Technology Entrepreneur with 20 years of indepth experience in innovative software solutions. Former Engineer/Architect At Adobe for 11 years.

Company Vision, Organizational Strategies, Technology Management, Scalable Architecture, Software Engineering, Technical Team Building, Enterprise System.

John Forster
John Forster


Entrepreneur spanning 25 years, with multiple exits. Former PGA Golf Professional and business operations professional with 30 years experience.

Business Operations, Organizational Execution, Back Office & People Management, Overseeing Daily Accounting, Finance, Legal & HR Activities.

Yasir Haider
Yasir Haider


Accounting and Finance Professional with over 15 years of experience in public and private companies. Financial Leadership in American, Asian and European markets. IPO experience with the fortune 5.

Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership and Management, Communication and Business Acumen.

Mike Herman
Michael Herman


Sales Professional and first-time Founder with a decade of product sales, business development, and community-building experience.

Business Communication, Sales & Marketing Management, Community Development Networking & Relations Growth.

Patrick Keefer
Patrick Keefer


Creative Director, Design Professional specializing in graphic design with over 20 years of experience in Branding, Marketing, and Advertising.

Brand Identity, Creative Designs, Innovative Modeling, Idea Sketching, Modern Animations, Visual Messaging,
Digital & Physical Marketing Design.

Patrick Keefer


Accumulated four Years Of Experience In The Domain Of Financial Modeling & Algorithmic Trading. Pursuing A Master's In Quantitative Finance.

Quantitative Financial Analysis, Machine Learning Implementation, Stochastic Modeling and Simulation, Algorithmic Trading Solutions.

Ariel Givner


JJ Forster


Steven Donnelly


Shayan Ahmed


Tommy Ruth


Aeman Khalil


Jawwad Qadri


Najee Hassan



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Questions and Technologies

What is Blockchain?

Distributed ledger technology is increasingly acting as the infrastructure of the digital world. It is the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it can be used for many more applications. The potential of blockchain technology has not even been remotely touched yet. Some new groundbreaking developments could emerge within this field over the next few years. Decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are only two examples of how blockchain might change the world of finance. There are countless other ways in which people can use this technology, and it is difficult to predict what new developments will appear within these areas over the next few years. Blockchain has tremendous potential for growth and several challenges to be overcome before it becomes more widespread.

Explaining Mobile Payments and Digital Banking Services

Neobanks is one of the most popular fintech services disrupting traditional banking. A neobank is a new type of bank operating online only and is built with mobile-first design principles. Customers can open an account through an app on their smartphone instead of going to a physical branch or filling out endless paperwork in paper format. Such apps feel more user-friendly, and most offer a wide range of banking features, including savings accounts, loans for customers’ cars or mortgages, and easy payments and remittances. For example, the apps of neobanks like the UK-based Monzo or Starling Bank and Germany’s Number26 have been growing rapidly in Europe and often ranked higher than banks. According to a study by Forbes, $1 trillion (USD) has been invested by banks in digital banking across the world to remain competitive.

What are Smart Contracts?

While its potential is yet untapped, smart contracts can provide numerous benefits for the financial services industry: improved security (e.g., eliminating third parties), increased efficiency (with faster transactions and lower fees), better transparency (increasing accountability), and reduced fees (eliminating overhead costs). Examples of smart contracts in financial services include Compound Finance, which uses smart contracts to allow users to take out a short-term loan using Ether as collateral. Another example of a startup using smart contracts is called Agrello, which aims to develop smart contracts for enterprise customers which execute when certain conditions have been met. Most people associate smart contracts with blockchain technology; however, they deserve their own category since older examples include automated clearinghouses (ACHs) and central securities depositories (CSDs) used for bond issuance.

Use of Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are based on VISA or Mastercard, and people can use them instead of physical cards for online transactions. There is no plastic involved, only a sixteen-digit card number, CVV code, and expiration date. Some virtual cards also allow users to store loyalty programs on them and use the same account for both fiat spending and crypto transactions, making it easier to manage funds by creating one consolidated balance across all accounts. Virtual cards can also be used as a backup payment method in cases where physical cards get declined or cannot be found. It is straightforward to set up virtual card accounts on mobile apps such as Zumo and iCard. One disadvantage of using virtual cards is they may not work correctly with all retailers.

Autonomous Finance

How do you automate finance? In simple words, autonomous finance is a system of machines and devices that can automatically perform financial transactions without the involvement of humans. The use cases for this type of technology include automatic payments for insurance premiums or autonomous investing using robo-advisers such as Wealthfront or Betterment. Another example of autonomous finance would be using blockchain-based smart contracts to automate fund management and insurance premiums. Etherisc allows users or organizations to set up “flight-delay” insurance policies to automatically payout if flights get delayed by two hours or more, removing the hassle of filing a claim manually after something happens

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

There is a wealth of research and use cases regarding artificial intelligence in financial services. Applications include risk assessment, forecasting, data management, automation, and other yet-discovered use cases. One notable development is robo-advisors; they are now one of the most popular trends in fintech. These online platforms can independently manage investments and suggest a personalized portfolio best suited to individual interests. They use cognitive computing technology and big data trends to determine the most optimal investment strategy. Other examples of AI in finance include chatbots used by banks to provide basic customer service queries or IBM Watson for financial analysis. With AI increasingly being used by these bots, they can learn from client conversations and customize future customer interactions accordingly. FinTech companies could achieve this thanks to machine learning, where bots use historical data (such as purchase history) and real-time inputs (like news) to learn and predict future customer behavior. Machine learning is a subcategory of AI used to learn and evolve from data to solve complex problems. Examples of machine learning in finance include fraud detection, compliance analysis, and algorithmic trading.


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